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Telephone Answering in Greensboro, North Carolina

  • Professional telephone answering is essential for business growth in Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Involves a live operator who will field calls accordingly when the business owner is unable to answer them from the home or unavailable to talk
  • The phone call(s) will be directed according the preferences of each individual company/owner
  • Telephone operators can schedule appointments and meetings in Raleigh in addition to simply directing and fielding calls
  • A business professional can have the operator customize their calls specific to their own business in Greensboro
  • When people call in, they will feel as if they have reached the business office directly
  • Total cost is half the price of hiring a full-time receptionist in Greensboro
  • Your receptionist should answers telephone calls with these rules in mind:
Answering Service Greensboro
  • 1) Answers all calls before the third ring
  • 2) Be warm and enthusiastic when you answer the phone
  • 3) Identify yourself and your organization
  • 4) Enunciate clearly and keep your voice at a moderate volume
  • 5) Control your language-don’t use slang or jargon

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