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What are the benefits of a professional executive suite vs. traditional office space?
With traditional space, typically, you will need to sign a long term real estate lease, buy or lease various equipment or office furniture and hire someone to answer your phones and receive your guests. In a traditional office, you will also have to take the time to locate, pay for and place all of the little things that are typically provided for by the executive suite operator. The start up costs and the continuing monthly costs for traditional office space will be 2 to 5 times that of a professional executive suite. However, when you lease a professional executive suite, all of those things are handled by the executive suite operating company for a substantially lower monthly cost.

How could I or my company benefit from having an office at Byron Executive Suites?
Here at Byron, we will attempt to structure a plan to fit your financial budget. We will place you in our networking system that will expose you to other professionals that can increase your opportunity for success. Since 1985, when Byron brought the shared office concept to a higher professional level here in the Triad, we have assisted dozens of companies in evolving into highly successful businesses that eventually grew to the point that they needed larger traditional office space. We even assisted those companies to find the right traditional office space to fit their growing needs.

A typical client will sign a lease here at Byron for a year and then stay for over 7 ½ years! We actually still have our original client that moved in almost 25 years ago! This speaks volumes about the professionalism here at Byron Executive Suites.

What if I am already an established business and need to relocate my office; can I keep my telephone number?
Yes, you can keep the same telephone number simply by porting it to Byron. It comes directly to our switchboard and we then answer that line for you. This is a very routine occurrence and we can walk you through the process. Should you need to move out of Byron Executive Suites, you can simply sign a form and the line can then be ported to your next destination.

Can the phone be answered with my company name?
Yes! We answer all our clients' telephone calls with their company name, or any other way they prefer.

Is there always a receptionist on staff to answer my phone and greet my clients?
We have a fulltime receptionist from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, except on our published observed holidays. After hours, all calls will be forwarded to your personal voicemail or, if programmed, will be forwarded to any telephone number you select.

What kind of non-refundable start up or exit fees will my company be responsible for paying?
Byron does not require any start up fees or exit fees. We do, however, charge a refundable security deposit and sometimes a telephone set up fee depending on your circumstance.

What charges can I expect to see on my invoice every month in addition to my suite rental?
In addition to your suite rental, we also bill an IT & Telecommunication charge. We do not hide charges in obscure "house rules" or unattached schedules. We customize a proposal specifically for each client, so the only extra charges you should see on your invoice would be any extra services used i.e.: copies, postage, faxes, etc., as listed on Schedules I and II of your proposal.

Is there enough parking for my clients and me?
We have more than ample parking. As well, you can literally drive up and park within a few feet of your office space. You will not have to walk hundreds of feet just to get to an elevator and up several floors to reach your office. Simply pull up and walk in.a Byron professional receptionist will be there, ready to greet you and/or your clients.

How long does it take to get started?
It only takes a few minutes to be completely set up and you are ready for business. We can even tell you what your telephone numbers will be and print you out temporary calling cards.

What if I only need an office part-time?
Byron Executive Suites also provides an alternative to full time office space. We have a day office that can be utilized by the hour, day or week, and a Virtual Office Plan that you can utilize until you are ready for a full time executive suite.

How close are restaurants, shopping, daycares, etc. to my potential office?
The area around Byron is constantly growing. We have numerous restaurants and shopping within walking distance to our office as well as three daycares in close proximity. (See our list of businesses)